week #4

The Flower every petal is slowly falling the flower doesn’t care though because she knows that it’s all going to be ok every day it pretends to be ok and beautiful so it will get picked but it doesn’t it’s… Continue Reading →


Goodbye I´m glad that we don´t have to do the blog that much anymore It´s kinda stressful So ya…… Goodbye  blog

Poem #3

I´m sorry I´m sorry that I can´t be perfect I´m sorry that everything I do isn´t good enough for you I´m sorry that I´m broken and you can´t fix me I´m sorry that I can´t talk to you about my… Continue Reading →

Poem #2

Dear Nobody, Your so close yet so far away Your supposed to be here for me no matter what When you are here it´s not for that long and then you leave for even longer Just make up your mind… Continue Reading →

poem #1

  Nothing  She builds a wall so no one can come in and nothing can come out Itś like a dam All the water is too heavy for the wall So it starts breaking, the wall starts crumbling, falling piece… Continue Reading →

week #9 “My Perfect Life”

My Perfect Life I imagine my life perfect but, I know that my life will never be perfect but I dream a little. So here is my perfect life. I will obviously go to collage because I would like to… Continue Reading →


This week we had to comment on 3 peoples blogs. First I commented on Lilli’s blog. Lilli did her blog post on swimming. I thought it was interesting because it was a quote on Finding Nemo, which is one of… Continue Reading →

week#6: FOOD

Roses are red violets are blue I love chicken nuggets and so do you

Ohana Means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. – Lilo and stitch

week #4

My world post   I would like to visit the world but if I had to chose some places they would have to be India, Africa, and Mexico. I have been to Mexico when I was really little but I… Continue Reading →

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